Are People Missing What You Are Saying?

We at Christian Research have reached many people with our videos on Help for Depression.  Our team has also been involved in other successful Social Media outreaches. We have been using new techniques to multiply our reach with short form video, transcription and other tools. We would love to share our experience with other non-profits and ministries around the world to do better in their Social Media efforts.

We are looking for a select group of Non-Profits and Ministers who make videos the opportunity to multiply their reach, impact and engagement. 

We will take your existing videos you made – the ones that have maybe not even reached 1000 views, and get shorts made of them which will take your engagement levels to new heights.

Pastor Preaching in Empty Church

A Christian Research Project with a Difference

We are engaging in a research project with selected non-profits and ministries with the goal of multiplying the reach and impact of the content they are already making.

We will be measuring the changes we deliver and providing consulting and reporting on what can be done. 

We are Offering Our Services Free of Charge at this time for testing porposes.

This is a valuable service that will require some time to implement. We cannot take on every one who may want this due to our own schedules. 

Pleaase fill out the form below with your expression of interest about partnering with us.