"I have come to set the captive free"

Overcome Depression, Suicidal Thoughts,
Panic Attacks, PTSD, Fear and Anxiety.

All of our resources (video and PDF teaching) at Christian help for Depression are now free with registration, we used to charge for these resources, and some of our videos talk about purchasing the video, but all resources are now free of charge. We only charge for our workshops, to cover travel and expenses.
We support the following countries, Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales, Northern
Ireland, Belgium,  Netherlands, Iceland, Australia, France, Germany, Canada, Spain and the US. 
  • The truth has set me free ….Nancy B.
    I did not know why I was not making progress until I listened to your teaching….Tobias H. Understanding how the spiritual realm works really helped….Mark D.

Wonderful teaching that brings freedom….Sean L.
This teaching brought me out of Depression ….Cathy P.
Powerful book that is full of the Truth found in the Word ….Rebecca M.
From Hopelessness to Hope ….William C.

  • I don’t know why you don’t have a million subscribers yet, great teaching videos…Craig T. Jesus has set me free …Harold H.
    Truths from the Word, brings freedom … Tom P.
    The PTSD has Gone ….Chev M.

Some of our video training series, all videos and teaching free with registration.

Three of our most popular videos, click on image to go to video page