These Key Biblical Principles have played a very important role in setting people free from Depression, Anxiety, Panic attacks and PTSD.

After 10 years of ministering to people with these oppression’s, I can not emphasis enough how important it is that any person looking for freedom, must grasp these biblical principles.

I believe that listening and absorbing these principles will set the foundation for freedom to anyone who spends the time to listen and get the revelation from the Holy Spirit of how important these principles are to freedom.

1.  Don’t ask God to do something that He has already done.

 2. Change our prayer from Asking / Begging to Thanking Him.

3. The  finished work is a guarantee of freedom to any captive.


 4.  End of Guilt, Shame and Condemnation

5. We must understand how things work in the spiritual realm

6.  How to Submit to God

 7. How to Resist


8. Must Overcome Fear


9. Understand what a New Creation is.

10. Anger towards God.

11. Is depression a Spirit