Christian Depression: What not to say

You don’t have enough faith:

If all of us have been given a measure of Faith Rom 12:3 and Jesus said that with a mustard seed of faith we could move a mountain Matt 17:20, we all have enough faith to overcome any oppression.

Everything happens for a reason, this is not biblical either, Jesus said the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy, I have come that you might have abundant life (Peace/Joy/Purpose/fulfillment).

God is not the author of our suffering, another lie, the N.T. makes this clear, that the God of this world, the devil, is the one who brings these oppression’s to us.

All good things come from the Father of lights James 1:17 all good things come for God



Just think positively, and just Snap Out of It:

This is very judgmental statement, if it was that easy , don’t you think that people who suffer would just do this. The person does not want to be depressed, it is a horrible feeling, a real torture from hell.

This is why the answer to overcome the depression comes for the Word of God, which is designed to change/ renew to mind, and after the mind is renewed, it will automatically think the positive thoughts that come from a believes in Jesus.

(CBT) has been studied and proven effective in treating depression…Is widely used all over the world to this day.

So, if people with depression change their underlying beliefs about themselves, their world and other people, it has been proven to help fight depression.

This is why Christian in particular have distinct advantages in overcoming depression….

Because of the promise that Jesus has set all captives free.

The Word of God will, and has, changed many people’s underlying beliefs, over the centuries, and we have seen many people overcome depression, anxiety, panic attacks, and fear, renewing of the mind through the Word of God.

Having Depression / Anxiety is a sin:

There is absolutely no reference to sinning in the New Covenant relating to a person being in sin if they are depressed …..

or a particular sin that a person needs to deal with regarding depression, period ..

Of course the N.T. talks about sin, and how each of us must repent of any sin 1 John 1:9 and the scripture describes what sins are in many places.

It is easy to be judgmental of people suffering from depression, and telling them they are in sin….

is judgmental and wrong, and can cause more and deeper depression.

Heb 8:12 I will remember your sins no more, is God’s prescription against Guilt and Shame and condemnation, and wipes out all our past sins and conscious of sin.