Anger towards God is one of Satan’s main strategies is to keep us in depression (or any other bondage), he knows how to draw us into self pity and then blame God for not taking the oppression away.

Depression anger towards GodHe knows where he can influence our thoughts, or get us to blame others. He knows how to draw us into self pity, and lead us into unforgiveness.

Regarding rage…when people get into self pity, the next stage is usually anger, then rage. They get into some real anger situations and that can be treacherous. It opens doors to devils and if we go down that path, the devils will have us pointing our finger at God and saying, “It’s Your fault.” That’s what they want. They want a Christian especially to look at God and say, “It’s Your fault.”

This tactic started in the garden when Adam and Eve fell. Adam tried to blame God, “This woman You gave me,” and it has continued. We have all at times blamed God, “why did you not take this away from me/” We need to repent of any time we have blamed God for problem that devils cause.

When we think about saying that to God, think about how horrible that is. God who loves us so much that He sent His Son to die on the Cross for us, yet we would blame Him for causing our problems? When Jesus told us “the devil come to steal, kill and destroy, I have come that you might have life and that more abundant. The devil is the one who brings the oppression to us and our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers in the heavens.

With this self-pity and rage, devils try to get us to accuse God. We all have probably had some pity parties already where we were blaming God. Search your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to show you any instance where you were blaming God.

God said that His Son has set you free. You have been taken out of the kingdom of darkness. If you stand fast, like Caleb and Joshua, you will have the land of freedom.

Jesus says, I paid the price for your freedom and all you are doing is moaning and groaning and what you are doing is giving place to devils. You point at God and blame Him for your problems, and that is not a good thing to do, we need to repent of that. We have all done this: blame God for not taking something away when it is our responsibility to Resist the Devil, James 4:7. We need to repent of any time we have blamed our Father. He is the One who sent His Son so that we could escape these oppression’s.

Get rid of any self pity, “Poor old me, I have been fighting this all these years.” In reality those are demons and they want you to blame God. The blame is not God’s. It is ours. Not spending enough time with God, not reading the Word properly in order to understand what is spiritually going on here.

 Over sensitivity is not from heaven. Over sensitivity is actually based in selfishness. You are thinking about yourself too much. All demons have to do is watch your actions, and they have someone come along who will cause you an offense. They know that you will get mad, go into a rage, take offense, blame someone, or complain, etc.

“Thank You Jesus, I know that You have set me free. I know that it has happened and I make a covenant with You that I will break out of this bondage that I am in. I will do this because it will bring honor to my Father that is in heaven. Father, I am making a commitment to You right now that I am coming out of this bondage. I honor the Finished Work of Your Son, by possessing in my life what He paid for me to have. I know that faith pleases You and I believe by faith that I have what Jesus has paid a high price for.”

This is not just a prayer; it is a covenant between you and your Father.

I have ministered to people who were abused as children, and were then taught at some of our churches that God was in some way, a part of or allowed these traumatic and abhorrent events. Nothing could be further from the truth! Our Father is grieved by the acts of evil and demons always try and get us as Christians to blame God for actions that were inspired by them.

The way the “Sovereignty of God” is taught in the Church today is one of the most destructive doctrines. It is one of the greatest deceptions the devil has birthed in the Church. It literally makes our efforts and actions irrelevant, and makes Our Father look like He is involved with, is a part of and is “ok” with the evil that men do to one
another. To think and teach that God lets evil things happen to children is giving aid to the oppressors. God has given free will to man and he can chose to do evil deeds. Since the fall in the garden of Eden, we have and still do evil deeds, completely contrary to the will of God.

Where does our doctrine of the “Sovereignty of God” originate? One of the most influential of the early Church fathers, Augustine, was very instrumental in the development and propagation of many of the church doctrines we hold so tightly to today including, “The Sovereignty of God.” He theorized and developed a theological teaching that there is no such thing as evil. He said, “it wasn’t evil; it was just how you perceive it to be.” “If you really knew the intent of God, everything that looks like it is bad in your life, is not bad.” “God allows this to happen;” “He doesn’t cause it, but He allows it to happen for the good in your life.”

These concepts have been taught to literally hundreds of thousands of pastors, teachers, and layman alike. Through these students, the error has multiplied, literally paralyzing millions within the Church. The great error in Augustine’s theology, is with everyone believing that it is part of God’s will for us to experience sickness, disease, and poverty and all the evil things that men do to others, that somehow
God lets these things happen. God detest sin and evil, especially evil done to children, Our Father through Jesus warned against evil done to children that it would have been better had they been thrown into the sea with a milestone would be around their necks Luke 17:2 and that revenge belongs to God Heb 10:30.

Augustine’s teaching infers that God is using some tragedy or disease to teach you some deep spiritual truth and all suffering is for some greater good. It is true that we can learn from tragedies and hardships, but God has not orchestrated the tragedies or hardships in our lives to teach us, nor did He allow these things, or was He any part of some of these evil things that men do.

If we deny that evil exists, you are denying that Satan and the hordes of demons under his control exist. By accepting Augustine’s theology you are accepting anything the devil decides to put upon you as if it were from God. Can’t you see the danger in that? Do you realize that many of the doctrines the majority of the modern Church holds to and teaches today are doctrines written by men who CANNOT AND NEVER HAVE WALKED IN THE POWER OF THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST? These men, because of their powerlessness, have developed doctrines and traditions to justify their impotence. The Church needs to throw off every doctrine and tradition that Jesus Christ has not given to us.

Prayer to break free of any thoughts or thought patterns based on deception and rebellion:

Dear Heavenly Father, I know that You desire truth in the inner self. I admit I have been deceived by the father of lies throughout my life. I admit I have even at times deceived myself and blamed You for my problems. In the name of Jesus, by His shed Blood and Resurrection, I commit to truthfulness with myself and in myself. With Your help, I will examine my thoughts and begin to cast down or resist any
thought that would bring or keep me in bondage. I believe Your Word, that ‘as a man thinks in his heart, so is he’. I want to think Your thoughts in my heart…thoughts that will bring me freedom from ________________. Jesus, You said, ‘the Truth will set you free’. I acknowledge that your Word is Truth itself. I will expose and then stand against thoughts that bring depression, anger, bitterness, self pity, suicidal desires, revenge urges, etc. I thank You, Father for Your strength. I know my decision pleases You. Lead and guide me into all Truth and Freedom, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Author: Pastor Pat Buckley
Published on: May 31, 2016 @ 17:17